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Aircom Twins. Glossary and Vocabulary learning guide

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Aircom Twins. Glossary and Vocabulary learning guide
Format : 17x24
Reliure : Broché
Nombre de pages : 400
Année de parution : 2018
Référence : 1611
I.S.B.N. : 9782364936119
Langue : Anglais

AIRCOM Twins provides you with two complementary tools which will allow you to fully master the language of radio communications.
Part I is a glossary of terms and phrases pilots and controllers use in their radio exchanges; they are all presented in an authentic context representative of a wide variety of routine and non-routine situations.
Part II is a vocabulary learning guide in which the terms and phrases listed in the glossary are classified by phase of flight ; thus, by selecting a particular phase, you will be able to revise rapidly the key terms and phrases relating to that phase.
AIRCOM Twins will be most profitable if used jointly with AIRCOM, the associated English course in radio communications for airline pilots.

Part I. Glossary of terms & phrases

Part II. Vocabulary leaning guide
1. Pre-flight and start-up problems
2. Parking and ground-handling problems
3. Ground hazards
4. Pre-flight technical incidents
5. Dispatch, customs, security, health
6. Taxiing
7. Runway surface conditions
8. Take-off and departure
9. Climb
10. Cruise
11. Descent and holding
12. Approach
13. Lighting and landing aids
14. Landing
15. ATC-related events
16. Engine trouble
17. Systems failures
18. Fire hazard
19. Weather hazards
20. Passenger & crew-related events